Craig Davis

I’m not one of those photographers who can’t do their own post production. I just don’t like spending the time to do it. I have shopped around and tried several different options out there and either thought that it was too expensive or really more often than not, it was nowhere near as good as if i had done it myself. Finally I found Night Owl. The guys at NOPP are hands down the best at what they do. They are always spot on with their turn around times and their pricing is the most fair that I have come across. For the very first time in my business I am outsourcing something and actually gaining overall quality instead of sacrificing it to save myself some time. It’s true that the way to spend more time with your family and on your business is to outsource as much of the busy work as you can. It is a real blessing to finally be able to do that without feeling like I’ve compromised the quality of my work. Thank you Night Owl. You are truly a life saver!

Jason Huang

Night Owl is my editing on steroids. Their speed and reliability surpasses even my own workflow. Night Owl is not an editing farm – instead, it’s a dedicated and personal resource that can be reached at any time, responds quickly, and can provide a custom experience for each of their clients. Night Owl’s attention to detail and ability to customize editing to several specific tastes really make them one of the most valuable assets of my business. I am particularly picky about my adjustments (example: +1 magenta, -25 blue, +2 fill, -1 blacks, etc. etc.) but he has kept up well with my annoying and micro adjustments that most likely go unnoticed by my clients. This is personal outsourcing at its finest – and it’s all made in the USA.

Ashley Kohlleffel 

I’ve been a Night Owl client from it’s earliest days and have nothing but great things to say. The editing service is professional, on time and always meets my personal standard for post processing. I’m also a huge fan of their clean album designs and easy online ordering process. Outsourcing requires releasing control of your end product to someone you can trust.  Night Owl is that someone.